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Worldwide construction management in crisis regions and third world countries.

Construction supervision

Project Management

Quality Management


Construction Management and Construction Services

We make sure everything runs smoothly and deliver exemplary results.
Project Management

We provide highly skilled personnel for administering projects, devising of security & safety plans as well as organizing travels and events.

Construction supervision

Construction in third world countries, especially ones in a conflict-struck regions, necessitates special supervision and oversight methods to ensure the quality and longevity of structures.

Quality Management

Drafting of quality-management plans as well as continuous quality control and laboratory tests of construction materials ensuring western quality standards are met.

Tenders and Studies

Conception of studies and tender documents. Counseling, arbitration and representation in communication with authorities, international organizations and ministries.


Our current project in the Ivory Coast: Formation of a military entity for road maintenance

As featured in Bund deutscher Pioniere (e.V.) - a German sappers' journal

Why CIC?

What sets us apart?
We are offering our services and are able to promptly deploy personnel, since the majority of our members are retired officers and military personnel who are not interested in full-time employment

Ready on short notice

We can offer our services and deploy personnel worldwide and on short notice.


Military Camps

We can mobilize personnel at short notice who possess the authorization to work in military camps of NATO states.


Experienced with many cultures

Thanks to our long service in the German Armed Forces with many foreign deployments, our employees are practiced in communicating with many – especially Muslim – cultures and experienced in dealing with both ministers and ordinary workers.


Rotations and reserve personell

Construction services are provided in a gapeless manner through rotation of personnel and staff during lengthy projects and assignments.

About CIC

Our team is made up of former professional soldiers and reserve officers who want to continue to apply their decades of experience and expertise in construction business with a focus on project management in crisis regions. We draw not only on a wide range of academic degrees, but above all on the experience and skills we acquired during our military service, on foreign deployments, at NATO duty stations, in leadership positions or staff positions.

Managing Director, Dipl. Ing. Gerhard Klose, Colonel (ret.)


References & Projects

Since 2007 we have been maintaining and supervising a number of projects in crisis regions including:

NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), Capellen, Luxemburg –
Auswärtiges Amt der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Berlin, Germany –
THALES Air Systems GmbH, Korntal, Germany –
Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ, Eschborn, Germany –
Field Camp Technical Services FCTS, Viernheim, Deutschland –
– Since 2015 we supervise a long-term project from the German Army (Bundeswehr) in Iraq –